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About us

Company Profile

Portlock Software -- founded in January, 2000 -- is a leading developer of storage management, server-to-server migration and disaster recovery software and services, dedicated to innovation, development, and customer support. Portlock has a global footprint marketing products in the United States and Europe, utilizing over 260 channel partners worldwide for the resale of products. Portlock corporate headquarters are located at 20002 73rd Ave NE, Kenmore WA 98028.

Portlock provides both products and services for NetWare data recovery for Traditional and NSS volumes and partitions. Portlock’s knowledge and expertise encompasses the design and feature sets of NetWare and Windows file systems. As the only company with tools that directly manipulate NSS volumes, Portlock helps companies recover lost data.

Product Profile

Portlock’s product suite includes Portlock Storage Manager for NetWare, Portlock Boot CD, Portlock License Manager, Portlock Windows Update Manager, Portlock Device Manager and Portlock System Management and Recovery Toolkit (SMART) Suite for Windows.

There are seven main features of Portlock products:

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Data Recovery
  • Server to Server Migration
  • Storage Management
  • File System Conversion
  • File system Optimization
  • File system Forensics


Portlock has developed specific short and long term goals and strategies to remain successful in the storage industry. A major area of focus is the continuing expansion of the marketing and product presence in the United States and Europe. Portlock will continue to enhance the existing products, as well as develop new ones, with continued emphasis on growing the channel partner business and building upon existing relationships.

Portlock areas of focus:

  • Continued development of support for Microsoft products.
  • Increase the number of worldwide channel partners and build upon the existing relationships.
  • Increase the direct calling, marketing and mailing campaigns, focusing on existing and potential customers.
  • Develop relationships with distributors that have a world wide presence for product marketing.
  • Continue product training to improve product and industry knowledge level for all employees.
  • Office Expansion into new markets.
  • Hire Software Developers to improve product “go to market” strategies.